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Big Science

Made in collaboration with Hot Kitchen Collective

A premiere as part of Steppenwolf's LookOut Series

Thursdays, January 17 - February 7 at 8pm

“Big Science very much takes a young person's perspective on the state of the world in the ease with which it jumps from the silly to the serious, but taking science as a jumping-off point to explore the human condition is a gutsy and ambitious move.”

- Dmitry Samarov, The Chicago Reader

We were never scientists from the start and we never will be. Despite this, we are on a mission to understand the science in its vastness, and we invite you to watch us try to capture and swallow it whole, holding it close to us when we feel alone at night. This is BIG SCIENCE, a brand new devised performance, created for you by Hot Kitchen.

The collective’s newest performance, BIG SCIENCE, will re-purpose text, imagery, and movement from the scientific field as a mode of communication with their spectator; juxtaposed with their own essays and writings on life. It is an adventure through the cosmos; a blast-off into the unknown, and a journey to find out if dark matter really does exist.

Directed by Jiana Estes & Audrey Polinski 

Devised with Lindsey Barlag Thornton, Kaylyn Carter, Claudia Castillo, Carol Crosby, Katelyn Douglass, Katie Friedman, Alex Hovi, Wade Howard, Jasmine Henri Jordan, and Andy Slavin.

Design and Costumes by Katie Friedman and Charley Guptill

Promo photos by Drew Angle

Promo video by Katelyn Douglass

Photos by Sihan Wang

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